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Operating Companies

Arrowhead has been directly involved in the founding of four businesses and indirectly involved in over 20 other operating companies.  Arrowhead is industry agnostic, but is most comfortable with service-oriented and light manufacturing businesses.  We often play a hybrid role in assisting with capital formation, operations and/or transactional-based needs. 

 Typical opportunities have the following characteristics:

  • Emphasis on superior product or service quality 
  • Management team with a proven operating history
  • Management heavily vested in ownership of company
  • Recurring revenue model with strong customer diversification
  • Ability to enhance operations by incorporating disruptive technologies or business practices
  • Low debt levels and operating in non-cash-intensive industries
  • Revenues of $1-10m and EBITDA of $500k - $3m
  • Located in the Rocky Mountain region